Qii House Lorne


About The Client

Qii House is an eco meditation & relaxation retreat based in Benwerrin-Mount in the heart of the Otways rainforest.

This guest house is a spectacular weekend getaway nestled in a tranquil, lush rainforest haven on top of Erskine Falls. A bushwalker’s paradise, this venue offers exclusivity and is ideal for a cosy romantic weekend away, an intimate wedding, a corporate retreat, small groups or simply for meditation.

This original “quirky” architectural gem circa 1977 was built to specification by renowned architect Edgard Pirrotta of Melbourne and is of high local significance. Qii house has been beautifully restored by local artisans in a bespoke manner and melds with its landscape.

The Client’s Problem

Before engaging with Propeld Qii House was limited to a small selection of photographs of the property which were more suited to a real estate listing than an eco retreat.  

The client required a selection of new imagery to showcase the unique features and offerings the property has to offer by capturing its unique atmosphere and surrounding environment.

The photography needed to demonstrate the many uses of the property, such as weddings, corporate retreats, hiking escapes, local produce tastings plus yoga and mediation retreats.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld has undertaken several photo and video shoots of the property as it has developed and expanded over the last three years. 

We have managed to capture the different living areas and uses of the property by photographing a selection of props representing the different ways the retreat can be used and guests situated enjoying the many beautiful spaces the house has to offer.

Short videos were produced showing the journey leading up to Qii House and highlighting some of the properties key features. Drone footage and photography was used to emphasise the remoteness of the house’s location. We also photographed nearby locations to be used to highlight the surrounding area and show local things to do.

What The Client Says

"Propeld have worked overseeing Qii House evolve as a “start-up” since 2016. They have been working in a very professional capacity as website creator, designer, photographer; and in giving wonderful guidance in marketing innovation and in bouncing off ideas in my initiatives to move forward in the Nature Based Tourism Arena."

Heather Kolb
Property Owner and Manager
Qii House Lorne

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