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About The Client

Geelong Accommodation Group have been providing guests with exemplary accommodation to visitors, travellers, re-locators and corporate business people for more than 20 years.

Whether you are looking to get away for a weekend, shift to the region, or you’re here on business for a few days or a week, Geelong Accommodation Group can help. Their informative and friendly local staff can recommend something to best suit your requirements from short-term suites and apartments, to long-term townhouses. Geelong Accommodation Group can cater for families, couples or busy corporates who are looking for something comfortable in the heart of Geelong.

The Client’s Problem

The Entourage yacht was purchased from a business in Sydney and relocated to Geelong. The new owner was wanting to develop a new business by chartering the yacht part time.

The business needed to be marketed to the local Greater Geelong and Markets as a luxury experience for up to 30 guests.

The client only had images of the yacht being used in and around Sydney Harbour which couldn’t be used to market to potential customers in Geelong.

The boat was not ready to have guests on it, so the images needed to capture the experience without showing people partying on the yacht.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld did a prelimery photoshoot with Entourage to capture the Yacht with Geelong surroundings.

We captured a selection of aerial drone shots showing iconic Geelong landmarks and regular images showing the details of the yacht. The images were taken in this style to generate some interest in the boat before they were ready to run cruises with the public onboard.

The second stage shoot will show people enjoying food, drink and a relaxing party atmosphere aboard the yacht and out around the bay.

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