10 Types Of Video Content You Can Create For Your Brand Right Now

Video marketing for your business is a must these days if you are wanting to develop an effective marketing strategy. When you are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook it is most likely that it was a video that stopped you from scrolling and caught your attention. Statistics show that the average user spends 100 minutes a day watching online video content. 

What better reason is there to create engaging footage to help you get brand recognition and generate more bookings for your business?

Videos capture the attention of your audience members longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium. And the beauty of it is that there are many different forms of video content you create that can be done on various budgets. 

From professionally created brand stories to short product promotions created on your smartphone. All will be more engaging than text content or still images alone, and they can be shared in a multitude of places.

Here are ten different types of videos you can create to promote your business.

Brand storytelling videos

One of the most challenging parts of connecting with your audience can be explaining who you are and what your business stands for. Customers don’t usually have time to read slabs of text about your business and what you offer. Brand storytelling videos are perfect for you to get your message and personality across shortly and engagingly.

This type of video describes your business, products, services and what makes you different from your competitors. These videos work best when you tackle one of your customer’s pain points and present them with your particular solution to their problem. Always remember to put your customers at the centre of your story and not yourself!

Brand storytelling videos must be simple, powerful, informational, and engaging. They are also one of the most valuable resources for marketers right now. This type of video should be produced at a professional level of quality to ensure that you are projecting the correct message to your customers.

Educational or How-To Videos

Users are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make their lives easier, and a google search is usually the first port of call to find the best solution to their problem. Having a step-by-step educational video showing how to resolve their issue will put you front of mind when considering their next booking.

Educational videos can be fun to make and fun for the viewer. They don’t all have to be about solving problems, they can be used to explain top professional tips from the experts within your business. Top tip videos have great organic shareability and present your brand as a reliable and trusted resource for information within your industry.

Social Media Videos

Social media videos can come in many different formats and styles, which is great for experimentation. Social videos can be as simple as doing a quick grab on your smartphone or can be professional produced longer videos offering valuable content. Each social channel has different rules for posting effectively. Some channels limit the length of the video you can post; others prefer content shot in portrait instead of landscape.

The most engaging and shareable social media videos should contain captions, be entertaining, and have catchy and trendy music tracks (watch out for copyright). When posting your content, follow current trends and don’t forget to add good descriptions and hashtags, and tag other brands or influencers.

Video Adverts

Video advertisements or commercials are a long-standing and probably the most traditional type of video content in a marketer’s tool belt. We are all accustomed to watching businesses promote their services or products on television or on our favourite social channels.

Video adverts are purely about promoting your brand and services and are designed to sell to your audience. The key to a good advert is being memorable and getting your message across in a short amount of time. An effective advert should be able to tell your story in less than 30-60 seconds. If advertising online, you should have your main hook in the first 5 seconds of your video before users can click on that skip button.

Make your adverts interesting and keep them on-brand to ensure they are memorable and relatable to your business. Don’t forget to include a strong Call To Action within or/and at the end of your advert to get your viewers to take the next step.

Testimonial Videos

Trust is key when choosing a business to give your hard-earned cash to. It’s great telling people how great you are, but customers trust other people’s opinions far more. The best way to do this is to have existing customers sell your brand for you. When potential customers see how satisfied your existing customers are, they’re likely to imagine they’ll have the same experience.

Capture your existing customers on camera and have them rave about how good your product or service is. Get them to tell a story about how you made their lives better and that they couldn’t have done it without you. Make sure to get footage of them enjoying your product or service. Chose your best customers for the task, as this will show them how much you appreciate them.

Employment/recruitment videos

In a time when finding the right person to join your growing business is proving to be increasingly difficult, you may need to market your brand not to new customers but to potential new employees. 

This can be done by capturing yourself and your most passionate employees on camera to highlight your brand’s human side and culture.

Explain the top benefits of working with your business and how enjoyable it is to work within your team and with your customers. Tell the story of your business and be honest and unique in what you present to people. Do not be afraid to look funny; try showing your viewers who you are.

Product showcase videos

This particular type of video is used as a ‘show and tell’ about one of your individual products or services. They can be used to educate viewers on how something is made, how it works, the results it offers, or to discuss its taste or purpose. 

These videos can be fun by highlighting a particular attraction at a venue, but can also be professional and informative if demonstrating one of your keystone services. Products can be shown creatively by using exciting techniques such as stop animation for short social media posts.

Showcase videos can encourage sales and bookings, so ensure that the video production value is high and they look professional and polished.

Guided Tours and Behind the Scenes Videos

Recording a guided tour of your venue is a great way to show visitors what to expect before visiting your business. This kind of content can allow viewers to imagine themselves enjoying what you offer and are a great way to get closer to your customers. 

If you have a unique process or unique features to your business, sharing these with your customers will create interest in what you do and help you differentiate from other businesses.

If your business creates products, showing the end-to-end process of sourcing or growing the key elements all the way through to the final product will demonstrate the value and work that has gone into creating it.

Reaction Videos

Reaction videos have become increasingly common and popular in recent years due to the no-script format and minimal production requirements, making them inexpensive and easy to make. This format is popular on social media and television, we have all heard of Gogglebox, right?

Reactional videos are essentially videos of people watching other people’s content and recording their reactions and responses to what they are viewing. People watch these as it gives them an emotional connection to the person watching the video as they respond the same way as those on screen.

Your business can use this format in multiple ways. You can record yourself commenting and reacting to some crazy negative trends happening in your industry and then explaining why you shouldn’t do those things. You can record other people reacting positively to video content of your products or experiences. You can comment on old footage you may have of your own business. Capture emotional, funny, bemused, wowed and whacky reactions to keep your viewers entertained.

Here is a good example showing some classic Aussie snacks. 

Customer Journeys

Is your product, service or experience able to transform your customers’ lives, or at least give them memories they will never forget? Whether you offer tours, dining experiences, accommodation or medical services, it is a great idea to capture your beginning-to-end customer journey.

Let your potential customers know what kind of experience they can expect to receive when engaging with your business. Your particular client journey may only take a few hours, or it may be a transformational experience that occurs over multiple engagements with your business over days or months.

This video type is all about what your customer gets from engaging with you, and let them tell their story in their own way. They can capture this themselves in a vlog format, or you can professionally record the footage yourself. The main thing to remember is that the experience needs to be genuine and inspirational.


In this day and age, using video content in your marketing strategy is essential. In this article, I have highlighted just ten different types of video content, amongst dozens, that I think are the most cost-effective types for promoting a business that relies on bookings. 

No matter your marketing goals, there is a video type to promote your brand. Remember to produce high-quality, professional video content that will capture your audience’s attention in a more dynamic way.

If you want to discuss your next video project, get in touch to start a conversation.

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