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About The Client

Gemaxis Jewellery Ocean Grove is a positive, passioned and foremost a sustainable manufacturing Jewellery brand. 

Most of our designs are based on what Mother-Nature provides us with every day and we want to be part of preserving this unrivalled beauty and serenity. Gemaxis respects the industry we are being part of and recognises the changes we can make to create a sustainable path for the future.

Gemaxis Jewellery also recognises the importance of the community we live and operate in and the micro-challenges this can face. Where we can, Gemaxis will strive to play a pivotal role in bettering ourselves, others and our environment. Supporting local businesses and initiatives is what is at the forefront of breaking the chain and creating a positive change.

The Client’s Problem

Gemaxis Jewellery faced significant limitations with their Etsy store, which offered minimal layout and customisation options. This basic setup failed to represent their unique brand and high-end products effectively.

They desired a website that allowed for greater control to maximise marketing efforts, including SEO and email marketing functionality. Additionally, they wanted the capability to pull through their curated Instagram feed to the website.

Moreover, they wanted to publish educational content to guide customers through their jewellery selection process. The client realised that customers do their research and wished to keep them on their site for longer to build trust and improve the chances they would choose a Gemaxis piece.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld collaborated with Gemaxis Jewellery to develop a website strategy that showcased both their products and brand story. Unique page layouts were created to educate visitors about various gemstones, shapes, and jewellery pieces.

Comprehensive filters on shopping pages enabled visitors to fine-tune their search results, helping them find the perfect piece.

The stunning visuals and luxurious design provided Gemaxis with an online presence as unique and high-end as their products.

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