International Friends Program


About The Client

Study Geelong’s International Friends Program provides a supportive platform for international students in Geelong, and local community members, to build connections, share interests and enjoy cross-cultural exchange.

An international student is matched with a local person/family for 12 weeks to get to know each other and share culture.

Study Geelong runs a couple of events for all participants, but it is up to the international student and local person/family to arrange when and how they will catch-up during the program.

Participation is open to international students aged 18 and over in Geelong, attending Deakin University, Deakin College, DUELI, Marcus Oldham College and The Gordon TAFE, and to local residents in the Geelong region.

The Client’s Problem

Study Geelong created a program to help international students connect with local community members.

To be able to promote this they required a logo that would relate to their target audience and it also needed to visual connect with to the Study Geelong brand. They also needed an easy way to communicate the message of what the program was all about.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld designed several logo options that complimented the triangular pattern of the Study Geelong logo, of which two designs were shortlisted.

Propeld also developed several short and punchy taglines that clearly explain what the program is about.

The two selected logos and taglines where then posted on the Study Geelong facebook page and put out to vote to find out what version of the logo was preferred. The final logo was chosen by the students within the program, ensuring the design was the best fit for the target audience.

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