Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine

Brochure Designs

About The Client

Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine represent businesses and tourism in the region West of Melbourne known as the gateway to The Great Ocean Road.   

They are the local governing body that provides funding, training and support to attractions, accommodation providers, producers and the hospitality industry within the region.

The Client’s Problem

As a sub-region tourism body, Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine are responsible for reporting how the region and organisation have performed each year.

Aswell as reporting past performance, they are also required to communicate the future plans for the region and how that will affect local businesses, guests and travellers.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld has worked closely with Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine over the last several years to produce a suite of documents, reports and graphics to disseminate their findings and research.

By expanding on the look of their existing brand, Propeld has developed a destinctive design style for the organisation. This included a series of tourism related illustrations that depict what the region has to offer and infographics to present the figures and statistics.

The series of documents includes annual reports, a tourism development plan, yearly action plans, a roadmap to making your destination more accessible to people living with disabilities along with additional templates and infographics to support the documents.

What The Client Says

"We have been working with the team at Digital Tourism Marketing for the past two years or so. With the limited resources we have, it’s wonderful to work with a team that understands our brand and our organisations vision. The process of briefing for jobs is usually a collaborative one with suggestions, recommendations and the development of ideas that includes input from and expertise from Gareth and Fraser, which helps us bring our ideas to life. It is a pleasure completing projects with the team and we will continue to work with Digital Tourism Marketing to help us develop branded documents, videos, creating and executing digital marketing training sessions and much more. Not only are Gareth and Fraser professional and efficient they’re also great people and know how to make a joke now and again, it’s a pleasure working with them."

Elise Getson
Industry Development Officer
Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine

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