Portarlington Grand Hotel

Photography & Videography

About The Client

The Portarlington Grand Hotel has been one of Port Phillip Bay’s popular destinations since 1888. Now refitted to the highest of modern standards, it is set to recapture its former glory.

Preserving our state’s and the Bellarine’s grand history while offering a welcoming environment has always been our central goal. It’s a place for locals to gather and celebrate, and invite their visiting friends and family to.

Travellers to the region will find a sample of the Bellarine’s best produce at the hotel and from there can explore the region and all it has to offer before returning to the comfort of the hotel.

The Client’s Problem

A Fresh Look for a Refreshed Brand

The owners of the newly renovated Portarlington Grand Hotel understood that updated photography and videography was needed to bring these elements inlign with the brand refresh they were undertaking.  

The Propeld Solution

Grand Content for a Grand Hotel

After building the new Portarlington Grand Hotel website, Propeld aligned our content grab with the brand refresh to increase the exposure and awareness of the Hotel and its offering to the identified target audiences.

This included capturing high-quality imagery and video of patrons enjoying their time at the Hotel and all variety of its offerings, as well as exploring the town and broader region, interacting with other attractions within the town/region and showing the cohesive tourist experience from the new Docklands Ferry to Portarlington Grand Hotel.

This content has been used in a variety of promotional activities, including recruitment videos, advertisements, social media and broarder marketing activities. 

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