Otway Pastures

Brand Videos

About The Client

The Davis, Whiting, Van Donk and McGlade families from southwestern Victoria are your Otway Pastures farmers.

Otway Pastures are multi-generation farming families with a firm commitment to creating healthy products, healthy farming practices and a healthy business that we can pass on to the next generation.

In an industry known for pricing challenges and ownership by huge multinationals, they are aiming to revolutionise the way the Australian Dairy Industry, if not the world, produces milk. Over the past five years they’ve taken risks and challenged convention, all for a desire to provide Australian families with a healthier milk made on healthier farms.

The Client’s Problem

Following a recent rebrand, Otways Pastures needed to promote their new business name to increase market share in the milk-producing industry.

Otway Pastures’ business model is to distribute their milk to independent regional suppliers and not to solely rely on big-name supermarkets to sell their product.

To achieve this they needed to create brand recognition to drive demand for the product to encourage suppliers to want to stock their milk.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld filmed and produced a video that captured the benefits of drinking Otway Pastures milk. 

The video touches on the social, health and environmental benefits of purchasing and drinking their milk. We produced a one-minute advert and two fifteen-second short advertisements focusing on different product benefits.

The videos were used as part of a paid targeted Youtube advertising campaign.

We also published the videos on their social media channels, including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to increase the organic reach of the campaign.

The following quarter after launching the campaign, Otway Pastures saw a 20% increase in sales to local suppliers.  

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