Study Geelong

Promotional Videography

About The Client

Study Geelong  is a Victorian Government initiative that helps International students find out what is going on in Geelong and why they should undertake their further education here.

Study Geelong gives you information about the region and helps you to make the most out of your stay. You can find out about international student events and activities in Geelong, and the Study Geelong Student Ambassador Program.

The Client’s Problem

Study Geelong were requiring a way to compete against other regions to attract international students.

Study Geelong wanted an upbeat, enthusiastic video to showcase the best of Geelong life in a way that was different to other boring and predictable university adverts.

The Propeld Solution

Propeld worked with Study Geelong and some of their students and graduates to produce a fun and engaging video that would appeal to young international students.

The team at Propeld put together a series of videos highlighting the culture and experiences Geelong has to offer. 

By using real students and graduates to tell viewers what they love most about the region we were able to portray a level of trust and relate to students considering studying in Australia.

We used some advanced filming techniques to transport the viewer around the region through live video transitions and created a dialogue of two people having a conversation from different locations.

Another video focused on five easy-to-follow reasons why you should study in Geelong.

The videos have been shared on social media channels and used at presentations to promote the region.

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